Tom Willebrords, born in Belgium, is a composer for film and television. He is also an associate member of the Belgian Screen Composers Guild. In particular, a very eager person, strong story-telling skills.

Beginning formal music training at age 8, Tom had already started playing the recorder at the age of three. Eventually, at 9 years old, he started playing the piano. Recently he started a new adventure and began learning how to play the saxophone.

In 2017 he took an online film scoring course at Berklee College Of Music. As always he was driven by the compelling alliance of music and film, paired with the fulfillment that the film scoring process brought him.

"Tom is a junior and very promising composer from the Guild"

 - Belgian Screen Composers Guild


Berklee Online Course: 

Film Scoring 


 Masterclass Hans Zimmer


Belgian Screen Composers Guild 

Associate Member


Tom Willebrords